Anarchy is home to to today’s most provocative, creative, vibrant, and critical strains of anti-authoritarian discourse and art. Subscription rates are $16 for 2 issues or $32 for 4 issues.

Relentlessly questioning, we aim to explore the limitless possibilities beyond ideology. Nothing is sacred, least of all anarchism.

We offer radically cooperative, critically engaged, consciously spontaneous, and unbounded perspectives – liberatory visions free from the constraints of self-domestication.

As of June 2018 Anarchy magazine is being published by a new collective, including the original founder, Jason McQuinn (editor & publisher for the first 58 issues). Issue #78 is now scheduled to appear in Fall, 2018.

All single copies and subscriptions are delivered in plain envelopes to ensure your privacy.

Single issues, back issues and other merchandise:

__$10 sample issue (in the US)

__$16 Elements of Refusal by John Zerzan (CAL Press)

__$12 Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord (Black & Red)

__$3 Debunking Democracy by Bob Black

__$2 Anarchy 101 by Bob Black

__$9 Anarchy magazine T-shirt (specify size)

*add $10 shipping for orders outside the US


Subscriptions (in the US):

__$16 / 2 issues

__$32 / 4 issues (+ free copy of Modern Slavery journal #1 or #2, or Anarchy t-shirt)


Subscriptions (outside of US):

__$48 / 2 issues

__$96 / 4 issues


Library rates:

__$50 / 2 issues (in the US)

__$96 / 2 issues (outside the US)


Paperless (PDF) subscription:

__$10 / 2 issues

__$20 / 4 issues


Sustaining supporter:

__$100 / 2 issues Sustaining Subscription


Please include your name, address, city, state / province, country, and e-mail.

Checks can be made out to:

CAL Press

PO Box 24332

Oakland, CA 94623

*All subscriptions are in US dollars; we cannot accept checks or money orders in foreign currencies. All new subscriptions are unconditionally guaranteed; if you are not completely satisfied, the remainder of your subscription will be refunded. Half-price subscriptions are available to prisoners and the indigent.



**You can also purchase single issues from Little Black Cart online at:

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