Anarchy is home to to today’s most provocative, creative, vibrant, and critical strains of anti-authoritarian discourse and art. Subscription rates are 20% off the cover price and include shipping.

Relentlessly questioning, we aim to explore the limitless possibilities beyond ideology. Nothing is sacred, least of all anarchism.

We offer radically cooperative, critically engaged, consciously spontaneous, and unbounded perspectives – liberatory visions free from the constraints of self-domestication.

All single copies and subscriptions are delivered in plain envelopes to ensure your privacy.

Single issues, back issues and other merchandise:

__ $10 sample issue (in the US, #59-75)

__$18 Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell

__$22 Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord

__$4 Debunking Democracy by Bob Black

__$2 Anarchy 101 by Bob Black

__$8 T-shirt (specify style and size)

*add $5 shipping for orders outside the US


Subscriptions (in the US):

__$25 / 4 issues

__$48 / 8 issues (+ free book or t-shirt)


Subscriptions (outside of US):

__$48 / 4 issues


Library rates:

__$50 / 4 issues (in the US)

__$64 / 4 issues (outside the US)


Paperless (PDF) subscription:

__$10 / 2 years

__$20 / 4 years


Sustaining supporter:

__$150 (all C.A.L. Press publications for 4 years)


Please include your name, address, city, state / province, country, and e-mail.

Checks can be made out to:

C.A.L. Press

PO Box 3448

Berkeley, CA 94703

*All subscriptions are in US dollars; we cannot accept checks or money orders in foreign currencies. Subscriptions are unconditionally guaranteed; if you are not completely satisfied, the remainder of your subscription will be refunded. Half-price subscriptions are available to prisoners and the indigent.



**You can also purchase single issues from Little Black Cart online at:

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