The Future of Insurrection

June 4, 2016 / 1 comment

By Lupus Dragonowl from AJODA #70/71 & #72/#73 Section 1: The composition of insurrection What is insurrection? 'The goal of any insurrection is to become irreversible. It becomes irreversible when you've defeated both authority and the need for authority' (CI) 'The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated within the collapse…

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Against Identity Politics

June 3, 2016 / 1 comment

From AJODA #76, by Lupus Dragonowl Spectres, Joylessness, and the contours of ressentiment Identity Politicians (IPs) are a particular kind of leftist who use the spectre[1] of an identity-category (gender, race, sexuality, etc) as a lever to obtain power. In the sense discussed here, they should not be considered coterminous either with groups of people…

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