Anarchy is home to to today’s most provocative, creative, vibrant, and critical strains of anti-authoritarian discourse and art. Subscription rates are $16 for 2 issues or $32 for 4 issues in the US.

Relentlessly questioning, we aim to explore the limitless possibilities beyond ideology. Nothing is sacred, least of all anarchism.

We offer radically cooperative, critically engaged, consciously spontaneous, and unbounded perspectives – liberatory visions free from the constraints of self-domestication.

As of June 2018 Anarchy magazine is being published by a new collective, including the original founder, Jason McQuinn (editor & publisher for the first 58 issues), Nev Ferox & John Henri Nolette (a member of the collective since issue #59 ). Issue #78 is nearing completion and now scheduled to appear by the end of summer, 2019.

All single copies and subscriptions are delivered in plain envelopes to ensure your privacy.

Single issues, back issues and other merchandise (postpaid in the US):

__$10 sample copy of the current issue

__$16 A Full and Fighting Heart by Paul Z. Simons (LBC)

__$16 Elements of Refusal by John Zerzan (CAL Press)

__$13 Stirner’s Critics by Max Stirner (CAL Press)

__$12 Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord (Black & Red)

__$3 Debunking Democracy by Bob Black (CAL Press pamphlet)

__$2 Anarchy 101 by Bob Black (CAL Press pamphlet)

__$10 Anarchy magazine T-shirt (specify size: S/M/L/XL/2XL)

*for shipping to Canada please add $1 for pamphlets, $3 for T-shirts, Stirner’s Critics or Society of the Spectacle, and $6 for Elements of Refusal or A Full and Fighting Heart; and for shipping to Mexico please add $1 for pamphlets, $8 for T-shirts, Stirner’s Critics or Society of the Spectacle, and $16 for A Full and Fighting Heart or Elements of Refusal (Yeah, we agree, international postage, especially, is getting damn expensive!)

Subscriptions (in the US):

__$16 / 2 issues

__$32 / 4 issues (+ free copy of Modern Slavery journal #1 or #2, or Anarchy t-shirt)

Subscriptions (outside of US):

__$48 / 2 issues

__$96 / 4 issues

Library/Institutional rates:

__$50 / 2 issues (in the US)

__$96 / 2 issues (outside the US)

Paperless (PDF) subscription:

__Paperless subscriptions will be reintroduced in the future, probably 2020

Sustaining supporter:

__$100 / 2 issues Sustaining Subscription (in North America)

__$200 / 2 issues Sustaining Subscription (outside North America)

Please include your name, address, city, state / province, code, country, and e-mail address.

Checks can be made out to:

CAL Press

PO Box 24332

Oakland, CA 94623

*All subscriptions are in US dollars; we cannot accept checks or money orders in foreign currencies. All new subscriptions are unconditionally guaranteed; if you are not completely satisfied, the remainder of your subscription will be refunded. Half-price subscriptions are available to prisoners and the indigent.

**We will soon be adding an AJODA back-issue order page to this site, with by far most issues from #11 on still available ($6 per issue from #11 to #67; $8 per issue from #68 to #75 (sorry #76 is out-of-print for now). Back issues are available postpaid in the US for orders of 4 or more magazines.

You can also purchase some single issues from Little Black Cart online at:


  1. Crystal says:

    The $10 sample issue #59-75…..regarding this….does this include samples from each of those issues or do you send, in entirety, all of those issues at that price because they are back issues?

  2. ajoda says:

    The $10 gets you one sample issue copy. You can choose which issue you want to receive. If you don’t choose an issue, we’ll send you the one most recently published.

  3. Don says:

    I had an active subscription to AJODA when publication ceased. I was offered a refund of my remaining monies but declined just in case publication resumed. Will the remaining time on my subscription be honored by the new collective?

  4. ajoda says:

    We will definitely honor your remaining subscription. Reorganizing the Anarchy magazine project has been more complicated than we hoped, but we are working on getting issue #78 published!

  5. Unique says:

    What has happened to the project in the past couple of years ? Is Lawrence or JH or LD still involved ? I have not seen it in infoshops in almost 3 years.

    Hope all is well. Enjoy Modern Slavery as well. The magazine not the actual concept.

  6. ajoda says:

    The new AJODA collective is preparing the a new issue for printing at this moment. The new collective includes one member from the previous group (JH) and one member from the original AJODA collective (JM). The new issue, #78, should be printed and shipped this summer! After AJODA #78 appears we’ll also be working on Modern Slavery #4!

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