AJODA Contributor Guidelines

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed is an independent, not-for-profit publication of C.A.L. Press. We accept no advertising, have no paid staff, and finance this journal entirely through direct sales, subscriptions, and donations. AJODA was originally founded in 1980 as a local libertarian, anti-capitalist project, but soon expanded from a 4-page street sheet giveaway to a free tabloid newspaper format, before moving to a magazine format (as of issue #17 in 1988) with a continental and international circulation.

Anarchy has always been produced by all-volunteer collectives. And we have never wished to limit our coverage nor our distribution. We have always sought to make a non-ideological space for participation by all genuinely libertarian artists, writers, critics & correspondents. We don’t have to agree with anyone to publish their perspectives, but we are only interested in thoughtful, quality contributions that will be of interest to a diverse — but always critical — anarchic readership.

The AJODA collective accepts submissions of artwork, comics, posters, articles, essays, reviews, fiction, poetry & ephemera. We are always looking for new writers and artists. But we especially seek writing that is clear, self-critical and relatively free of jargon & unnecessary abstractions. Please only submit material that has not appeared elsewhere in print or online (and, if it’s accepted, refrain from publishing it elsewhere for a reasonable period). We will try to review all submissions and try our best to respond within a reasonable time. However, we can only publish a limited number of the most compelling words and images, so please remember that we cannot accept everything, and even when we accept a submission for publication, the acceptance will be conditional on both agreement on any editing we might suggest, as well as the issue in which it will appear. (If editing is required, we will always try to contact you with our suggestions before publication, so please remain available.)

If you are new to writing for publication, please consider submitting shorter rather than longer pieces. Reviews of new publications, media or other projects of interest to libertarians would be a good place to start. Sending a proposal is also worth considering, especially before working on longer pieces planned for submission. It will help as well if you prominently label anything meant for submission as such. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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