January, 2020:

Anarchy magazine will be edited and published by a new collective, including the magazine’s original founder & publisher of issues #1 through #58, Jason McQuinn.

Following dissolution of the interim collective responsible for publishing issues #59 through #77, the new collective will resume publication with issue #78, which is now going to print. The following issue should then appear in Summer, 2020.

Please consider volunteering, contributing and/or subscribing if you would like to see Anarchy magazine continue in a brand new series!

Unfortunately, we will be beginning from point zero again, so contributions and sustaining subscriptions are especially needed!

Checks can be made out to:

CAL Press

PO Box 24332

Oakland, CA 94623


May 31st, 2016:

Latest issue released:

ajoda77_front ajoda77_back

#77, Spring/Summer 2016


Editorial: On Social Democracy and Elections

Inside Anarchy

Book reviews:

Imaginal Machines and Precarious Rhapsody

Bad English


Reinstating the State in Anarchist Critique by Uri Gordon

Theological Residues by Frank Love

Having No Dog in the Fight: AK Press vs. Michael Schmidt by Lawrence Jarach


Transgressive Crime Fictionm and Noir


Lies Retold


Media Reviews

Embarrassments to the Milieu



Why Are You Reading This Journal?

August 4th, 2015:

ajoda76_front ajoda76_back

#76, Spring/Summer 2015


For the Abolition of Police

Inside Anarchy

Book reviews:

The Rebel

Disruptive Elements

Spectacular Capitalism and Precarious Communism

Thank You, Anarchy

Ready for Revolution


Against Identity Politics

Media Reviews

Embarrassments to the Milieu



Have You Killed the Cop Inside Your head?

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